Thursday, September 3, 2009

Parenting Videos: disposable nappies or diapers

The pros and cons of disposable nappies and Diapers

Transcript Parenting Videos: Disposables nappies or diapers

Meredith: What about this one? I suppose a more traditional style the standard disposable nappy…

Kylie: standard disposable nappy.. again various different sizes you can buy, they are water proofed on the outside so its supposed to stop leakage on the outside, you don’t have to with some of the cloth nappies buy a plastic cover so you don’t get the moister coming through to the outside. They have a softer lying inside for the babies skin and the moister is supposed to go into the lining part, so it gets drawn away from the babies skin.

Meredith: Are chemicals used?

Kylie: They are manufactured with chemicals and they are not bio degradable also a bigger impact on the environment

Meredith: and what about on the babies skin given that there is bleach and chemicals used in the absorbency gels?

Kylie: certainly, you can get babies actually having more nappy rash with this kind of nappy than with some of the cloth nappies. Purely down to the fact that the chemicals, the baby is sensitive to the chemicals and also the plastics used on the inside and outside of the nappy, like allergy reactions which stimulate more nappy rash things like that…

Meredith: the pros of this disable nappy?

Kylie: its very easy to use, that’s why a lot of people use them, throw it away, you can buy them in most shops, its very easy to use….

Meredith: There is another type of disposal nappy lets go with that one…

Kylie: this one is eco friendly disposable nappy, its not used chemicals in the products for making it the same as the major brand. Its biodegradable

Meredith: fully biodegradable?

Kylie: Not fully biodegradable there are certain parts of this nappy that don’t biodegrade. There are other nappies that you can buy from recycled products that are fully biodegradable.

Meredith: What recycled products are used in these nappies?

Kylie: different kinds of pulps, paper and things like that, they are not bleached, they have no chemicals used in them at all, where as this one just to make it white has been bleached.

Meredith: so the pros of that would be, in terms of the environment, the nappy would be less of an impact on the environment and a little friendlier.

Kylie: certainly friendlier that this kind of disposable nappy, but not the friendliest version of the eco friendly disposable nappy

Meredith: What would be the friendliest of the disposal nappies

Kylie: the one that has no chemicals in it and it would biodegrade a lot easier….

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